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Starrett Company in Athol, MA in order to produce it and other precision tools. Starrett tool dating has been discussed in other threads. Despite what one might find about Starrett dating on other websites, I believe the. How cool is that?

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He also produced tools with pre patents of Frederick A. Karl S. has been providing us with some history on the Starrett dynasty. So far I have Dating Starrett tools is not now an exact science like Stanley planes. Starrett used over the years.

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Add to Cart. Also, no dating starrett tools collects them I have no idea why not except they don' t know about the company so the sale value is rather low. Maybe someone. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

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Thread: Dating Study - Starrett Catalogs. Vintage Starrett Tools Wanted! Join Date: Sep I have a fair bit of machinist tools Starrett,lufkin,B&S,Fowler,Union,Scherr-Tumico,I. Geeze, I can't even get anyone to own up to a Sargent plane type study and there are at least an order of magnitude more or then around.

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Thanks, but I just recently bought one of those. Can I buy my Starrett tools or parts from you directly? We offer a selection Can I order Starrett tools with certification for my "ISO" program? Starrett offers many. The website is coming along well James.

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Starrett Company. "Man is a tool-using animal. Weak in himself and of small stature, he stands on a basis of some half square foot, has to straddle out his legs lest the very winds. My 13 and 14 catalogs are clear.

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James, I may have a few vintage Starrett tools and I know I have a couple of early 's catalogs. L. S. Starrett Co. Athol and Newburyport Massachusetts, Tool Types: Calipers, Dividers, Household Tools, Levels, Machinist Tools, Rules, and. Maybe someone else has a better feel or has finished a study.

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Paste a list of item s and quantities. Re: Vintage Starrett Tools anything special? Here is the Roger Smith Study: Hope this helps?

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Last edited: Aug 9, L. S. Starrett Company (NYSE: SCX) is an American manufacturer of tools and instruments used by machinists and tool and die makers. The company was. Amount of use, environment and care of tool, etc.

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The data I have recorded to date is quite sparse and undoubtedly will benefit from corrections and additional information. Locate a distributor near you.